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Combined Courses


 The main aim of SAPSDA is to promote the Pump Industry in South Africa and for many years SAPSDA has been presenting a training course which had been compiled by member companies, contributing in their various fields of expertize in the Pump Industry.

The SAPSDA Pump Training Course covers every aspect of the Pump Industry – also including Electrical Motors, Variable Speed Drives, Couplings as well as Seals.

Particular aspects of the course include Pump Installation, Pumping of Liquids containing Solids and Acids as well as Pump Testing. For new comers to the Pump Industry an “Introduction Course” has been compiled specifically where the basic principles of Pumps are covered from a practical point of view.

This is followed by the “Advanced Course” which is more evolved and covers all aspects of the Pump Industry from a theoretical as well as a practical point of view.

When combining the Introduction and Advanced Courses, the courses are presented over a three day period to restrict the candidates from being out of their work environment for too long. Although the courses are combined no subjects are left out, the courses merely starts earlier in the day and finishes later.

The Basic (Introductory) Course consists of the followings modules:

                  1.1)   Basic Pump Principles and how a pump works.

                  1.2)   Pump Types

                  1.3)   Pumping Systems

                  1.4)   Introduction to Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)

                  1.5)   Erosion and Corrosion

                  1.6)   Introduction to Mechanical Seals and Gland Packing

                  1.7)   Installation, Operation and Maintenance

                  1.8)   Introduction to Drives

                  1.9)   Basic Electricity

The Advance Course consists of the following modules: 

                  2.1)   Hydraulics applied to a pump system

                  2.2)   Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)

                  2.3)   Affinity Laws

                  2.4)   Parallel and Series Operation

                  2.5)   Pumping of various Fluids and Slurries

                  2.6)   Pump Types (Positive Displacement Pumps such as Borehole Pumps and Hose Pumps)

                  2.7)   Electric Motors and Variable Speed Drives

                  2.8)   Submersible and borehole pumps

                  2.9)   Pump Performance Testing

                  2.10) Pump Test Demonstration

Each module of the courses is presented by different experts from the SAPSDA Member

                  Companies which makes the SAPSDA Training Course unique and good value for money.

                  R 8000.00 per delegate per course which includes: training material, copy of Pump
                  Principles Handbook, lunch and refreshments.

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