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Six years ago the members of the South African Pump Manufacturers Association (SAPMA) took a decision to restructure the association from an employers association to a development association.

The restructuring was modelled on the association structure of the South African Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA) and as from 27 January 2014 the name of the South African Pump Manufacturers Association (SAPMA) has been changed to the Southern African Pump Systems Development Association (SAPSDA).

The main focus of SAPSDA will be to develop the pump industry not only in South Africa but will aim to develop the industry in all Southern African countries.

The first training course outside South Africa was held in Namibia and as a result of the success of this course, as well as the request for technical assistance, it was decided that a consulting service could also be offered.

As SAPSDA has a large pool of individual members with the expertise to assist in solving specific pump problems the association will also expand into offering a consulting service to the industry by utilising these individual members.

Training will still be the main driving force in the development of the Pump Industry in Southern Africa as the SAPSDA training course covers every aspect of the Pump Industry focusing on Pump Systems as well as Seals, Electric Motors, Couplings and Drives.

Particular aspects of the course include Pump Installation, Pumping of Liquids containing Solids and Acids as well as Pump Testing. For new comers to the Pump Industry an “Introduction Course” has been compiled in which the basic principles of Pumps are covered specifically from a practical point of view and is also followed by an “Advanced Course” which is more evolved and covers all aspects of the Pump Industry from a theoretical as well as a practical point of view.

The content of the SAPSDA pump courses is as follows:

The Basic (Introductory) Course:

·                Basic Hydraulics - Pump Principles and how a pump works.
·                Pump Types
·                Pumping Systems
·                Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)
·                Installation and Maintenance of Pumps
·                Couplings and Drives
·                Mechanical Seals and Gland Packing
·                Basic Electric Principles
·                Erosion and Corrosion
·                Submersible Pumps
·                Basic Pump Testing
The Advanced Course:

·                Hydraulics applied to a pump system

·                Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)

·                Affinity Laws

·                Parallel and Series Operation

·                Pumping of various Fluids and Slurries

·                Erosion and Corrosion

·                Pump Types

·                Electric Motors and Variable Speed Drives

·                Submersible and Borehole Pumps

·                Pump Performance Testing

·                Pump Test Demonstration


The membership categories remain unchanged with the local manufacturing member companies representing the majority of the association.

Under the auspices of the Association the SOUTH AFRICAN PUMP CLUSTER was formed on 7 February 2013 which operates independently from SAPSDA and has its own website

The SA PUMP CLUSTER aims to promote local manufacture to State Owned Companies and accessing the proposed Capital Spend of SOC’s to grow local manufacture, create jobs, improve skills, and develop strong local companies that are competitive in export markets.

Members are comprised of companies that have a common intent to serve and revitalise the South African Pumps, Seals, Motors and Couplings Industries. Thus the objectives of the South African Pumps Cluster are:

·                 Revitalise the industry through strategic capital investments, and world-class manufacturing, achieving the economies of    scale to become globally competitive on cost thus increasing export potential.

·                 Increase productivity.

·                 Optimize supply chain localization via the development and up-liftment of downstream suppliers.

·                Strive to create transformation by promoting local manufacturing, which will create meaningful jobs as well as to foster        black-owned businesses.

·                Develop skills which would be required to develop the local manufacture of Pumps, Seals, Motors and Couplings.

·                Develop new markets and promote exports.

·                Designation by the DTI of approved product.

Local manufacturing companies wishing to join the SA PUMP CLUSTER need not be members of SAPSDA.

Membership of SAPSDA is open to both local and international companies, consultants; individuals as well as students whom are involved with or related to the pumping industry in Southern Africa.

The pump industry in South Africa is also the biggest user of castings in South Africa and it will also be a high priority in the goals set for SAPSDA to have a working relationship between SAPSDA members and that of the South African Foundry Industry since the foundry industry has the biggest influence on the survival of pumps being manufactured locally in South Africa.


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