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Southern African Pump Systems DEVELOPMENT Association  

A Pump System means devices, such as pumps, electrical motors and drives, packings and mechanical seals, bearings, couplings and mechanical drives, control valves, electrical cables, electrical controls and switch gear which actuate a controlled flow of liquids, gasses, vapours and/or solids in pipe-lines or pipe-line systems. A pump, although the most important element of a pump system, plays a small part in a successful pump system.

The Southern African Pump Systems Development Association (SAPSDA) consists of the following sectors:



Devices that raises, transfers, delivers, or compresses fluids, liquids containing solids or that attenuates gases especially by suction or pressure or both at a controlled in pipe-lines or pipe-line systems.

Electrical Motors and Drives

Electric Induction motor set in in motion by means of electricity of which the speed can be controlled by means of a variable speed drive, which is required to transmit the power required for the pump system.

Sealing Systems

Mechanical seals, gland packing, “o” rings, lip seals, diaphragm seals, labyrinth seals and gaskets which is mainly required to seal of the hydraulic end of the pump in accordance with pressure requirements of the pumping systems.


Parts that allows one part to rotate or move in contact with another part with as little friction as possible which is required to transfer the power and forces produced by the hydraulic end of the pump. 

Couplings and Mechanical Drives

Any device used to couple a Pump to an Electrical Motor which is required to transmit the power required for the pump system. 

Control Valves

Mechanical devices used to regulate, direct and/or control the flow of liquid, gas, and other by opening and closing or partially obstructing various passageways – which can be operated manually or by other means which is required for the successful control of processes according to the pump system. 

Electrical Cables 

An assembly of one or more electrical conductors, usually held together with an overall sheath used for transmission of electrical power which is selected in accordance with the power requirements and operational requirements of the pumping system. 

Electrical Controls and Switch Gear

Equipment used in the transmission of electricity to ensure the reliability of electrical equipment. Used in a combination of electrical disconnect switches, fuses, circuit breakers or relays to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment both to energize and de-energize equipment in accordance with the process requirements of the pump system.


Each one of the above-mentioned independent sectors forms an integral part of the SASPDA and therefore membership of SAPSDA is open to all manufacturers, importers, repairers, consultants and end users of the various sectors constituting a pump system.



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